University of Gothenburg


Part of the Centre on Global Migration's mission is to create opportunities to enhance knowledge exchange between external actors and academia. CGM can also support researchers by creating contact and facilitating collaborations with the members of our external reference group.


An active collaboration with society is one of CGM's prioritized tasks. CGM currently works with several actors within the Västra Götaland region.

Expert pool

The purpose of CGM's expert pool is to enable better communication and dissemination of information between researchers and external actors (e.g. journalists, authorities, civil society). Our expert pool consists of a selection of researchers at the University of Gothenburg who research issues related to migration and integration.

Initiatives for newcomers and integration

All over the world, people are forced to flee their home countries. In order to handle the present situation and ensure sustainable ways forward, there is a great need for research and education. The University of Gothenburg has put together a quick overview of the University's initiatives for newcomers and integration.

Deakin Center for Refugee Employment

Together with the research program Organizing Integration (OI) at the University of Gothenburg, CGM has a collaboration with the Deakin Center for Refugee Employment, Advocacy, Training and Education (CREATE).

Make Your Own Passport network

Since 2018, the artist Dr. Tintin Wulia's art project "Make Your Own Passport" (2014-) engaged CGM's collaboration network. The project involves a series of workshops in public spaces aimed at promoting lifelong learning about citizenship.