University of Gothenburg

Swedish Red Cross

The Red Cross is the world's premier disaster relief organization. We exist all over the world and consist of millions of volunteers who have decided to help other people. We struggle to save lives and give hope. We distribute food, prevent disasters, and contribute with humane warmth.

Swedish Red Cross activities

The Swedish Red Cross has activities throughout the country. We have 839 local association that work locally to help people in different ways. They create meeting places for unaccompanied children in flight and visit people in hospitals. Among many other things!

The Red Cross operates treatment centers for those damaged by war or tortured in several places in Sweden. We also assist in investigating missing family members and assisting in family reunification, for example when people get separated from each other during their flight. We offer humanitarian support through visits to asylum seekers in holding centers and in custody.

In acute crises, such as at the terrorist attack in Stockholm in April 2017, we have trained emergency workers in place as well as volunteers who are trained to assist in First Aid and Psychological First Aid.

In Sweden, we also scale up our work in urban environments and we do this in collaboration with others. We draw conclusions based on efforts made in recent years in so-called priority urban areas with social risks and propose a clear direction forward.

For example, in Gothenburg, in cooperation with the municipal administration in the district of Västra Göteborg, we operate a meeting place in Tynnered; we support activities and local partnerships in the Norra Biskopsgården neighborhood and that we have local cooperation and activities in progress in the Gårdsten neighborhood.

In urban environments, we work to support health promotion activities and activities that help strengthen individuals and the area's ability to respond in the event of a crisis ("resilience work").