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Swedish Public Employment Service

Swedish Public Employment Service

Arbetsförmedlingen is Sweden's largest employment intermediary. Bringing employers and jobseekers together is Arbetsförmedlingen's most important task.

The Swedish Public Employment Service mission

We are present where the need is present, throughout the country. All our services are free of charge. We create opportunities for people who are new in Sweden to quickly get into work or training. We cooperate with several different actors, and we are the coordinating agency regarding recently arrived immigrants and refugees.

Establishment Unit (Etablering)

We create conditions for newcomers to quickly enter the labor market or to enroll in higher education. We cooperate with several different actors, and we have the coordinating responsibility.

By meeting the newly arrived person at an early stage, we can quickly identify experiences, skills and professional ambitions. We can match them with towns and employers where the skills are sought. We combine different efforts, thus maximizing the time in the two year establishment period.