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Social resources and service administration

Social resources and service administration offers Gothenburg residents many different services in the social area. We do this as a support to the districts that have the ultimate responsibility for their residents. We work with homelessness, abuse, vulnerable children and families, refugees, field work, support for people with disabilities and many more.

Activity area Integration

The activity area Integration provides the new comers with early support in getting orientated and entering the Swedish society. Examples of activities we are responsible for include: accommodation for unaccompanied children and young people; classes on how Swedish society works and contact with refugees guides. We manage provisions of social support according to the Social Services Act (SoL).

The Integration unit includes: Accommodation for unaccompanied children and young people, Refugee Administration, Refugee Guides, Gothenburg's Integration Center, the Establishment Unit and Migration and Repatriation. Our Refugee Administration unit applies for compensation from the state for the city's costs of receiving new arrivals.

We provide support to newly arrived refugees in entering Swedish society through, inter alia:

  • support in individual and family matters
  • financial assistance for adults and families with children assigned to Gothenburg
  • practical settlement and reception of assigned and quota refugees
  • courses on how Swedish society works.
  • Other integration efforts, e.g. through refugee guides and roadmaps

Integration Centre

Some of the activities, such as multi-language information offices, Refugee guides and Language friend, are located under the integration unit. The Integration Centre Gothenburg is a meeting place for newcomers, other immigrants and Swedes.

The Integration Centre is a member of the Center for Global Migration's external advisory board.

More information on the activities at the Integration center

Refugee reception in Gothenburg city

On this website, we have gathered information about how the City of Gothenburg receives newly arrived and unaccompanied refugee children. You can see the website here.

More information on refugee reception in Gcthenburg city

Accommodation for unaccompanied children and youth people

Those under the age of 18 who have come to Sweden without parents or other legal adult representatives are counted as unaccompanied asylum-seeking children. It may also apply to those who, for some reason, have become alone after coming here.

More information on accommodation for unaccompanied children and youth

Establishment unit

The Establishment Unit provides support for new arrivals during their
two year establishment period. We look forward to you who are newly arrived refugees in Gothenburg, who have been granted a residence permit in the last two years and who participate in the establishment program through the Swedish Public Employment Service. We make sure that you receive the support you are entitled to in terms of individual and family matters. We also provide information, advice and support to other actors involved in refugee reception.

More information on the Establishment unit´s work.

Introduction for new Swedes

Those who are new to Sweden can get help to get into Swedish society more easily. For example, the City of Gothenburg can help you meet new people and learn more about the Swedish language, health care and school.

More information on Gothenburg city´s work with introduction for new Swedes

Social resources and service administration