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Ecology & evolutionary biology

Ecology is about the interplay between living organisms and their surrounding environments, and how this affects selection ad evolution.

You can divide the subject ecology depending on either the organisms that are studied (plant ecology ad animal ecology), or the type of environments they live in (terrestrial and aquatic for example). Often one also talk about evolutionary ecology, the interplay between evolution and ecology, and population ecology, where focus is on the population dynamics of individual species.


Plant ecology

Plant ecology is about the interplay both between different plants and between plants and their environment. For exemple, how soil ad climatic factors affect the biogeography of a species.


Animal ecology

Animal ecology is about the interplay both between different animals and between animals and their environment, including both individuals of the same and other species. In includes many questions related to population dynamics, competition and behaviour coupled to selection and evolution

The research at BioEnv covers many groups of animals – mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, insects as well as marine invertebrates.

Research topics

Under each heading, we have listed the researchers involved, with links to contact information and possible additional group or project pages.

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Research within ecology & evolutionary biology is primarily found under the main research areas Evolutionary ecology & conservation biology and Plant ecology, physiology & environmental sciences but also Systematics & biodiversity.

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