Bengt Liljebladh

Forskningsingenjör 1.e

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41262 Göteborg
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40530 Göteborg

Om Bengt Liljebladh

Forskning Marine system analysis group www.marsys.se. Experimental studies of physical oceanographic processes. Wind-driven diapycnal mixing in stratified waters, the generation of near-inertial internal waves and their dissipation. Turbulence and dissipation measurements. Exchange flows, deep gravity currents and related hydraulics in straits.

Projekt Geo-Engineering solutions to environmental problems. Responsible for field work, technology and logistics in the BOX project.. Development of a pump system for Oxygenation of Byfjorden and Kanholmsfjärden. Construction and maintenance of real-time moorings for monitoring oxygen and hydrography. www.marsys.se www.tellus.science.gu.se/forskning/fokus_ostersjon/pumpexperiment_for_syresattning/ Phosphorus (and other nutrients) cycling during oxygenation of stagnant basins

Cruises and field studies as principal investigator • Several surveys in the Arkona Basin 1988 – 1993 with R/V Svanic and R/V Skagerak • Process study in the Idefjord, 1994 • Survey with R/V Skagerak in the Bay of Riga, 1995 • Several surveys in the Gullmar Fjord, 1996 – 2000 • Surveys in the Baltic Sea, the DIAMIX project. 1997-2000 • A study on solitons in the Andaman Sea, 2000. • A strait flow study in the Idefjord, 2000. • Some of the physical part of the field surveys of EU project MEAD. • EU-project OAERRE experiments in Gullmar fjord 2000-2003. • Survey with r/v Skagerak in Norra Kvarken, The Baltic Sea, June 2003 • Turbulence and internal wave project in Gullmarn. Survey with r/v Skagerak and Alice 2004 • Strait flow project. Deployments in Västra and Östra Kvarken. 2004-2006 • AGAVE cruise with IB Oden 2007-10-11 • Crab larvae study outside the Gullmar fjord 2006 and 2007

Tutor to masters thesis Kristoffer Raneflod Christian Stranne Gustav Kågesten

Teaching/Advisory Scientific advisor and consultant for Aanderaa Instruments, 2002-2004 Lecturer in PhD course “In situ techniques…”, 2007 Technical assistance for the Swedish Polar secretariat, 2008