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PAST ACTIVITY Sweden's geographers of the global South

Sweden's geographers of the global South, SGGS, (not all of us consider ourselves development geographers) are relatively few in number, with not more than a handful of us in each Swedish university. Maintaining links with each other creates a larger and more functional community of scholars. This page enables us and others to both identify Sweden's geographers of the global South and to know about their current and planned collaborations.

Historical background

November 2014 marked the tenth anniversary of the passing of our colleague Anders Närman. Anders had always been active in networking with other development geographers in Sweden, the other Nordic countries, the Netherlands and the UK. Meetings in these networks led to a number of publications including co-edited volumes by Anders and David Simon. Recently David, now Professor of Development Geography at the University of London, has returned to Gothenburg as Director of the international Mistra Urban Futures project.

In June 2015 we used the opportunity of the third and final visit of our Adlerbertska Visiting Professor of Sustainable Development, Sylvia Chant (who also serves in advisory role in Lund) to bring together as many as possible of Sweden's current geographers of the global South. This was an occasion where David was able to acquaint us with our own history, and where we were able to discuss our own current work, and to plan for a resumption of national and international networking as SGGS (summary minutes of the meeting will be posted shortly in the left hand column of this page).

Past activities

At the 2015 meeting we decided to begin by focusing our attention on coordinating the presentations of our work at international conferences, and on developing a comprehensive mail list for SGGS. We thus have the following planned activities:

30 September 2015 - first update of list of Sweden's geographers of the global South (please send names of your colleagues and links to your and their personal home-pages to by this date)

Spring 2016 (exact dates to be confirmed) -2nd meeting of SGGS with the intention of sharing current research and coordinating plans for panels at the 2017 Nordic Geographers meeting (and other international conferences). Contacts: and

June 2017, Stockholm. SGGS researchers lead at least one panel at the Nordic Geographers meeting.

List of Participating Institutions and Participants at the 2015 SGGS Meeting:

Lund University

Research groups at Lund University

Afrint research project

Participants in 2015 SGGS Meeting:

Agnes Andersson Djurfeldt

Martin Prowse

Srilata Sircar

Södertörns högskola

Participants in 2015 SGGS Meeting:

Vesa-Matti Loiske

University of Gothenburg

Research group for development geography

Participants in 2015 SGGS Meeting:

Jonas Lindberg

Margareta Espling

Andrew Byerley

Robin Biddulph

Therese Brolin

Professor Sylvia Chant, Adlerbertska Professor of Sustainable Development.

Stockholm University

The Urban Africa Group

Participants in 2015 SGGS Meeting:

Andrew Byerley

Mistra Urban Futures

Mistra Urban Futures, Gothenburg

Participants in 2015 SGGS Meeting:

Professor David Simon