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Meet Nazneen Rony

Her research topic is related to organizational change to promote employee wellbeing at organizations through the lens of Human Resource division. Met Nazneen Rony, one of the doctoral students at the Department of Business Administration.

Can you tell a little about yourself?
I am Nazneen and I come from Bangladesh. Before moving to Sweden in 2019 to pursue my MSc in Strategic Human Resource Management and Labour Relations, I studied Bachelor of Business Administration in Bangladesh and a Master of Business in Malaysia. I have a few years of working experience in HR divisions within the Banking and telecommunications industries. While working in the organizations I realized that there is a need for more research work to enhance and enrich the field of Human Resource Management (HRM) and that encouraged me study further. In 2021, I started my PhD journey with the School of Business, Economics and Law at University of Gothenburg .

What is your research about and what made you interested in that topic?
When I was doing my master thesis in 2021 on work-related wellbeing of IT employees, I grew interest to look deeper into the topic on how HR can improve the wellbeing of employees and specially in Covid situation, how employees can be resilient through good working condition with high performance. Meanwhile, there was an advertisement in the job portal of the university website, and we were encouraged by the course supervisor to apply if interested. Similar to my interest, the PhD research topic is related to organizational change to promote employee wellbeing at organizations through the lens of Human Resource division. I am looking forward to continuing at large on researching the relationship between the HR functions and managers responsible for human resources and how human resource managers view their role as promoters of well-being and the support they receive from the HR function.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Gothenburg?
When I decided to pursue my master’s degree in Sweden, Europe, I basically checked the curriculum of Human Resource Management program and found only University of Gothenburg offers courses that I desired to study to strengthen my research competency. The Master program has helped me to develop my research aptitude with good coursework, and research methods. Being interested in the second cycle has obviously grabbed my mind to continue here in the third cycle of my studies. It is almost three years now and I feel so closely attached to the university. The university also provides different grants and scholarship which one can avail through meeting eligibility. The faculty members are academically rich and expert in their respective research fields. The students are also in benefit to receive proper guidance from their course coordinator. Simultaneously, the students feel closely connected to the university due to the caring nature of the departmental staffs. I am happy to be part of this university.

What is life like as a doctoral student?
Life as doctoral student is quite challenging sometimes yet interesting to feel that you are equally treated like other staffs of the university. Meeting deadlines, attending meetings with case organizations, attending course works, and at the same time continuing to research are often daunting but not impossible to manage. I think every PhD student has to go through this path and yet it remains a memorable journey for one to reminisce in future when it is over. To me, time is the only determinant here, where we need to utilize effectively.

What are the advantages of being a doctoral student in Sweden?
The major advantage of being a doctoral student in Sweden is that one is considered as government employee and are equally treated like the university staffs. This experience is counted as research job. Getting a monthly salary and annual leave makes it comparable to other countries. The doctoral students are given access to departmental staff meetings, and other facilities that other faculty members can avail. Another advantage of being a doctoral student is that the university has collaboration with many prominent universities in the world. We can attend any of the universities where they offer courses related to our research work.

What do you like about Gothenburg? Favorite places?
Gothenburg is my home abroad in Europe ever since I landed at Landvetter airport in August 2019. I love the nature specially greeneries and water bodies. The people here are friendly and one can truly say that it is city comprises both the qualities where it is neither loud nor quiet. Being environmentally sustainable, Gothenburg has its fame in the world sustainable city list. I like visiting to my neighborhood areas like Härlanda Tjärn, Delsjön, Slottskogen, Liseberg and of course the archipelagoes. I also enjoy the tram ride while visiting different places in the city.


August 15, 2022

Nazneen Rony
Photo: Malin Tengblad