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Photo: Josefin Bergenholtz


The Department of Physiology is a preclinical unit that has the main responsibility for undergraduate, advanced and postgraduate education in physiology.


Our research covers a broad range of research areas within the subject of physiology. We are a highly collaborative unit with many international co-workers. Many of the research groups successfully combine preclinical and clinical research. The units have an excellent infrastructure, which is shared among the research groups. Our close location to both the Sahlgrenska University Hospital and to the Laboratory for Experimental Biomedicine gives us excellent possibilities to conduct integrative research of the highest quality in the area of physiology. 

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Photo: Josefin Bergenholtz
Photo: Josefin Bergenholtz


Knowledge of physiology is essential for professions within the fields of medicine and other life sciences for which students at the Sahlgrenska Academy are trained. We are responsible for teaching physiology at educational programmes in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, speech therapy and dental hygiene. The faculty members of the department represent a broad knowledge of different areas of physiology, allowing us to match our teaching to the educational profiles of the individual study programmes.

Postal address: Department of Physiology, Box 432, 405 30 Göteborg
Visiting address: Medicinaregatan 11, Göteborg
Delivery address: Medicinaregatan 1 G, 413 90 Göteborg