Cellular neurophysiology

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Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology

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Our main focus is the function of synapses in the brain, how they change their signaling properties in association with learning and forgetting.

We use electrophysiological methods to examine different aspects of electrical signaling in the brain. We are interested in how synapses change their signaling during development, during learning and in association with neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s disease.

A special interest in our group is how, so called, silent synapses are involved in development, learning and brain disorders. Another special interest is how healthy and diseased cerebrospinal fluid affects signaling in the brain.

Group members

Setareh Alabaf Sabbaghi, MD, doktorand
Mats Andersson, doktorand
Erik Arthursson, amanuens
Fredrik Asztely, MD, neurolog, docent
Andreas Björefeldt, PhD, postdoc
Thomas Bontell Olsson, MD, patolog, doktorand
Johan Ehn, MD
My Forsberg, doktorand
Sebastian Illes, forskare
Julia Izsak, MD, doktorand
Shadi Khorsand Jalali, amanuens
Samuel Klemetz, amanuens
Tim Lyckenvik, MD, doktorand
Henrik Michaelsson, MD
Sofia Rasmusson, amanuens
Ilse Riebe, MD, PhD, forskare
Henrik Seth, PhD, docent
Joakim Strandberg, MD, PhD, forskare
Johan Svensson, amanuens
Pontus Wasling, MD, PhD, forskare, neurolog
Dzeneta Vizlin Hodzic, PhD, forskare
Dinna Zhou, amanuens