Spinal Cord and Motor Control

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Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology

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The research concern the organization of spinal neurones and their contribution to reflexes and voluntary movements.

Our research

The projects aim towards understanding the function of neuronal circuits integrating reflex actions with centrally initiated movements and the role of feedback information to the cerebellum in order to correct errors in motor behaviour.

The most recent projects concern plasticity of nerve fibres contributing to the effects of transcranial and transspinal stimulation in the recovery of motor function.

The research group uses a number of experimental approaches including electrophysiological techniques combined with imaging techniques.


Ingela Hammar, Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer

Elzbieta Jankowska, Professor Emerita

Lina Karlsson Sundberg, Doctoral student within Basic Medicine

Teaching Assistants
Siri Runmarker
Arian Farahi
Emil Kötz

International collaborations