Treating the newborn brain

Research group

Short description

Preterm birth is a global health problem with an increased risk for the child to develop serious illness both directly after birth and later. Maternal infections are known risk factors for preterm birth which is also linked to increased risk of neurological sequelae in the child, such as cerebral palsy, cognitive and neuropsychiatric disabilities. However, we lack full understanding of the underlying pathophysiology and biomarkers that can identify children at risk that would benefit from interventions. Our research investigates how injuries occur in the developing brain and neuroprotective interventions. The studies are conducted in both unique patient groups and in clinically relevant animal models with modern cellular and molecular methods.

Group members

Carina Mallard, Principal Investigator

Pernilla Svedin, Postdoctoral research fellow
Veronika Golubinskaya, Postdoctoral research fellow
Maryam Ardalan, Postdoc
Tetyana Chumak, Postdoc
Giacomo Gravina, Doctoral student
Takuya Kawamura, Doctoral student