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Anders Hultqvist

About Anders Hultqvist

Anders Hultqvist is Professor of Composition and Contemporary Art music, and Vice-prefekt of Research at the Academy of Music and Drama.

Currently I’m working on the research project At the conceptual limits of composition. A shrinking emptiness – meaning, chaos and entropy. The project explores topics concerning the artistic creation of meaning in musical and literary composition. The investigations are based around some of the musical, literary, informational and cognitive conditions for artistic work.

I have also for some years been working as a co-editor, and part of the group that organizes the new publication and research platform PARSE (Platform for Artistic Research Sweden), at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, University of Gothenburg. The work began in 2013 and has led to an international biannual conference and a publication on artistic and other related research. See

As a composer I have composed and staged works for Orchestra, Soli with Orchestra, Choir, different Chamber music constellations, Sound installations, Music drama, Electroacoustic works, as well as Film- and Theatre music. During 2005 I was, among other things, Composer in residence at COMA – Contemporary Music and Artists, Växjö/Musik i Syd. The CD Traces (ruins...) came out as an artistic result in connection to this position.

A major orchestral project resulted in the staging of two new settings of Beethoven's 5th Symphony and "Albinoni's" Adagio with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Stefan Östersjö and Andrew Manze, and a recent sound installation Invisible Sounds was set up in connection with the GAS-festival in Oct-16 Some of my more recent chamber music works include Entropic Pleasures (2015) and E.P. version 2 (2016), composed for Ensemble Mimitabu and Disembodied (2012), written for KammarensembleN.

More research The two projects Transmission, Urban experiments in sound art and sonic space and Into noise were both financed by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) 2005-2011, and were operated by the research group USIT – The Urban Sound Institute. Transmission is presented in the yearbook published by Vetenskapsrådet 2007. (See also for more info around the project’s different exhibitions in Stockholm, Lund, Paris, Härnösand and Copenhagen.) Within the USIT group we also co-organized an international conference containing workshops on sound and sounding rooms which was held at Aarhus University 2010 – “The meeting takes a broad approach to sound studies and auditory culture - sound as art, sound as culture, sound as theory and history.”

Towards an expanded field of Art Music was a three-year VR-funded research project around the work-concept and our tradition surrounding musical interpretation. The project is presented in VR’s yearbook 2014. See also article in JAR (Journal for artistic research); ”Who creates the creator” – and the limits of interpretation?

Background I have mainly worked as a freelance composer and adj. Professor and Senior Lecturer at the School of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg – as a teacher and supervisor (BA, MA, PhD) and director of various educational programs – as well as an artistic researcher. I have a PhD in Musicology, artistic-creative track, from the University of Gothenburg. The thesis deals with different topics around musical composition and its artistic, philosophical, cognitive and social context.