Sophia Axelsson, alumn
Sophia Axelsson, alumn
Photo: Janna Roosch

Ball sense and a talent for languages landed her a job as a club manager

From literary agent in London to the first Swede to become general manager of a British football team. Sophia Axelsson studied English at the University of Gothenburg and then worked with two of her biggest interests: literature and football. “Everything is about being able to communicate,” she says.

Moved to Gothenburg as a 20-year-old

Name: Sophia Axelsson
Age: 34
Lives in: London, currently in Walthamstow.
Job: General manager of AFC Wimbledon women’s team, is herself the goalkeeper of the Clapton CFC team.
Born in: Stockholm, but grew up in Kramfors and moved to Gothenburg as a 20-year-old.
Interests: Football, music, books, cooking.
Languages: Fluent in Swedish and English but can also read in Spanish, Dutch, Italian and to some extent French and German. “But don’t ask me to speak those other languages”.
Studied at the University of Gothenburg: Degree of Bachelor in English, but has also studied international relations for example.