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Studenter i diskussion med lärare
Photo: Natalie Greppi

Literary Composition

Literary composition is about the artistic practice of reading and writing. The Literary Composition programme at HDK-Valand is designed for students who wish to develop their own writing, work with literary translation, or otherwise practice in the field of literature.

For thousands of years, people have been examining their existence through literature, both as authors and as readers. The Literary Composition programme brings together people who write and read to discuss their own and others’ writing and to reflect on the relationship between literature and the surrounding world.

Students in literary composition devote themselves whole-heartedly to the literary arts and train their ability to read carefully and to write and work with literature in various forms. They also address the literary arts from theoretical perspectives. Based on a tradition of popular adult education in which knowledge is something people create together, students and faculty help one another to develop their understanding of what literature is and can be.

The undergraduate and graduate programmes in literary composition have a Scandinavian profile and appeal to students who write and read in Swedish, Norwegian or Danish.
The undergraduate programme is a broad curriculum with an artistic foundation in which students can explore various approaches to literature. This might mean embarking upon a career as an author, working in publishing or literary criticism, teaching writing, or working with some other aspect of literature in public life.

The graduate programme is designed for students who are already authors and wish to develop their writing together with others. HDK-Valand also offers a master’s programme in literary translation.

Literary Composition at HDK-Valand is a complete academic environment. In addition to instruction at the undergraduate and graduate levels, the school conducts research in the field. Students in all of our programmes come in contact with researchers and projects in the field of literary composition.

Our education in Literary Composition is only conducted in Swedish.