University of Gothenburg
Studenter i diskussion runt ett bord.
Photo: Natalie Greppi


In HDK-Valand’s Film programmes, students are trained to pursue their own cinematic ideas and given the opportunity to develop methods for exploring issues that are important to them through film.

As a filmmaker, the camera is your most important tool. You use it to record and convey a series of events, examine thoughts and pose questions about the surrounding society. The images you convey can have a powerful influence on people’s image of themselves and their world.

In HDK-Valand’s Film programmes, you will learn the practical aspects of working with film. Great emphasis is also given to training you to express yourself and to put your work and that of others in context. Regardless of whether you want to entertain, raise existential issues or influence society politically, you are constantly encouraged to take an experimental and critical approach to the film industry’s established conventions and to explore new forms of cinematic expression.

You will train your critical skills in relation to your own and other students’ artistic work. You will strengthen your exploratory skills and develop your awareness of ethical and aesthetic reasoning in your choice of imagery and storytelling.

The purpose of HDK-Valand’s Film programmes is to give you a deep understanding of the entire film production process, from idea to finished film. Rather than preparing students for a specific professional role, we give filmmakers a broad education and the opportunity for in-depth study in an area of their choosing.

HDK-Valand also offers education and research in the fields of design, photography, fine art, craft and literary expression. We work in a dynamic, interdisciplinary environment in which we develop our fields, contribute innovative forms of work and open up new areas of artistic research.

Students in our Film programmes are given an opportunity to participate in elective courses in several of the school’s other fields.

Film programme taught in English