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University of Gothenburg

Steering Group

The CERGU steering group has members from the three different faculties that finance CERGU's activities.

Steering Group Chairperson:

Linda K. Hammarfelt


Linda Karlsson Hammarfelt, Senior Lecturer in German
Representative of the Faculty of Humanities
Room F411A, Renströmsgatan 6
031 786 1780

Areas of research: modern and contemporary German and Swedish literature, especially literary representations of migration, cultural hybridity, inter- and transculturality 



Mats Andrén, Professor of History of Ideas.
Representative of the Faculty of Humanities
Room H309, Renströmsgatan 6
46 31 7864476

Areas of research: Nuclear waste in relation to the basic notions of ethics and legitimacy and the European idea



Gregg Bucken-Knapp, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor in the School of Public Administration
Representative of the Faculty of Social Sciences
Room C327, Sprängkullsgatan 19

Areas of research: comparative public policy, how mainstream Nordic political parties formulate their entry and integration policy preferences regarding migrants



Ann Ighe, Senior Lecturer Dept of Economic History
Representative of The School of Business Economics and Law
Viktoriagatan 13, floor 6, Room 611
46 31 786 4743,

Areas of research: gender studies, economic change, working life



Oksana S-G

Oksana Shmulyar Gréen, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Sociology and Work Science
Representative of The Faculty of Social Sciences
Skanstorget 18
46 31 786 4810

Areas of research: Mobility within the EU, family and migration, migration decision making, transnational families and care, children and migration, children and agency, formal and informal social security provision, transnational belonging and identity, life-course perspective, welfare and gender policies, family practices, parenting and care, welfare in East and Central Europe, domestic work and global division of labour, societal development in and migration from Ukraine.

Thomas Erhag

Thomas Erhag, Professor at the Department of Law
Representative of the School of Business, Economics and Law
Room C514, Vasagatan 1
031 786 5189 

Areas of research: EU law, especially free movement of people, public law, especially social security law




Maria Oskarson, Professor of Political Science
Representative of the Faculty of Social Sciences
Room B549, Sprängkullsgatan 19
46 31 786 4687

Areas of research: class voting, political interest and trust, radical right parties



Roman Martin, Senior Lecturer of Business Administration
Representative of the School of Business, Economics and Law
Vasagatan 1, Room J815
46 31 786 41 93

Areas of research: economic geography, innovation studies, regional development, regional innovation systems, business clusters, regional innovation policy, global innovation networks




Ida Östenberg, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Historical Studies
Representative of the Faculty of Humanities
Room J515, Renströmsgatan 6

Areas of research: culture and society of Ancient Rome


Adjunct Members: 

Steering Group Honorary Chairman:


Rutger Lindahl, Professor Emeritus of Political Science

Areas of research: European integration, foreign and security policy