University of Gothenburg
CERGU researchers listening at a seminar.

About us

The Centre for European Research (CERGU) is a multidisciplinary European research centre based at the University of Gothenburg. CERGU is financed by three different faculties: The School of Business, Economics and Law, The Faculty of Humanities, and The Faculty of Social Sciences. CERGU is mandated with two main tasks:

To stimulate and promote high-quality multidisciplinary research on challenges facing Europe, by:
• Supporting the development of multidisciplinary research projects
• Increasing the quality of research by providing a multidisciplary environment and context for all European research being done at the University of Gothenburg
• Developing young researchers through international recruitment and support for PhD students and post-doctoral researchers

To act as a knowledge hub in order to stimulate multidisciplinary and policy-relevant debates on challenges facing Europe, by:
• Arranging multidisciplinary seminars and conferences about important and current European issues
• Contributing to the greater society with relevant knowlege by disseminating research results, arranging public events, communicating via social media, actively collaborating, and engaging in other outreach activities
• Supporting research-based multidisciplinary teaching on European issues at the University of Gothenburg

Established in 1995, CERGU is a vital part of the comprehensive European academic environment at the University of Gothenburg. Together with the Centre for European Studies (CES), CERGU contributes to the university's primary goal of being a successful international and muldisciplinary research institution. CERGU played a major role in the decision to award the University of Gothenburg the distinction of becoming a Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence in 1998.