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Anna Wallerman Ghavanini


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Vasagatan 1
41124 Göteborg
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Box 650
40530 Göteborg

About Anna Wallerman Ghavanini

Anna Wallerman is an associate professor of EU Law at the University of Gothenburg and a Ragnar Söderberg Postdoctoral Fellow in Law (2018-2020). She holds an LL D from the University of Gothenburg (2015), and has previously held positions at the European University Institute and the University of Zurich as well as visiting professorships at the universities of Vienna and Bern.  
Anna specializes in civil procedure and EU law. Her research interests lie in the interrelation between the European and national judiciaries, and she is particularly interested in judicial decision-making and the role of courts and judges in modern democratic society. In her current research project, she uses legal empirical methods to explore dialogue between national courts and the European Court of Justice when requesting and delivering preliminary rulings.
Anna is the convenor of the research group on procedural law at the Law Department at the University of Gothenburg. Her teaching includes procedural and EU law at undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as the supervision and examination of master theses in these subjects. 

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Research areas

  • Civil procedure
  • EU law
  • Legal Empirical Studies
  • Judicial Politics

Research in progress

  • The CJEU Database Project, 2019-01 - 2024-12
  • Judicial Politics in Scandinavia, 2020-01 - 2022-12
  • The Scandinavian Rights Revolution, 2018-01 - 2021-12
  • As you sow, so shall you reap? The influence of the referring court in the preliminary reference procedure, 2017-09 - 2021-05

Teaching areas

  • Procedural law
  • EU law

Selected publications

A Day in the Life: Aryanization Before the Swedish Supreme Court 1941–42
Wallerman, Anna
Law and History Review, 36:3, p. 593-617, 2018

Pie in the sky when you die? Civil liability of notified bodies under the Medical Devices Directive: Schmitt
Wallerman, Anna
Common market law review, 55:1, s. 265-278, 2018

Towards an EU law doctrine on the exercise of discretion in national courts? The member states' self-imposed limits on national procedural autonomy
Wallerman, Anna
Common market law review, 53:2, s. 339-360, 2016