University of Gothenburg

Advisory Boards

CERGU has two advisory boards.

CERGU has two advisory boards. The first is the CERGU International Advisory Board (IAB), which was founded in 2012 and consists of an international group of knowledgeable researchers from various countries and academic disciplines. The members of IAB have contributed to the CERGU network by providing feedback on long term strategies, by disseminating calls for PhD and post-doc positions internationally, and by offering their expert advice on applications as well as by collaborating on conferences, research funding applications, and other CERGU activities.

The second advisory board is the Council for European Studies at the University of Gothenburg (REGU). REGU consists of representatives from the business world and was formed in 2012. When it began, its main goal was to advise the European Studies Programmes at the Centre for European Studies (CES), and to strengthen the connection to the wider community. Starting in 2019, REGU has also functioned as an advisory board for CERGU, further contributing to the complete European academic environment at the University of Gothenburg.