University of Gothenburg
View of the Gothenburg harbor.


The Centre for European Research at the University of Gothenburg (CERGU) acts as a knowledge hub, focused on stimulating multidisciplinary and policy-relevant debate about challenges facing Europe, and actively collaborates with the surrounding community.

CERGU and the Centre for European Studies (CES) together form a comprehensive European academic environment at the University of Gothenburg. They offer an interdisciplinary focus on European issues from the research, education, and student-based perspectives. Researchers within the CERGU network also actively participate as teachers for the different European Studies programmes. Together, CERGU and CES help support the student-run organization Brännpunkt Europa.

CERGU collaborates with the surrounding community by arranging courses, presentations, and seminars, together with public agencies, organisations, and companies. This collaboration extends to various departments at the University of Gothenburg and to the Swedish networks for European Studies in economy, law, and political science.

CERGU has well-established networks for collaborating at both national and international levels, as a stand-alone research centre, on the international scene, and as part of the overall European research community. CERGU has an ongoing collaboration with Europa Direkt Sjuhärad and Europa Direkt Halland.