University of Gothenburg


With researchers spread out over three different faculties, it is only natural that the research being conducted within CERGU’s network spans a variety of different aspects related to European research; from presentations about what Europe means to European integration, from EU law to social issues, from cultural identities to international business, and from migration to external relations.

Researchers within the CERGU network are employed by their home departments, which allows them to combine both in-depth research in their own disciplines and multidisciplinary insights on research related to European issues. The majority of researchers in the network are active in research projects based at their own departments, but CERGU also offers the opportunity to place research projects at CERGU. Since 2005 CERGU has advertised calls for PhD and post-doc positions which are financed by CERGU.

Within this broad field, CERGU has a particularly strong multidisciplinary focus on several thematic areas. These thematic areas are dynamic and can vary depending on current challenges facing Europe, as well as the interests of researchers in CERGU’s network. Moreover, researchers may conduct research in more than one of the following thematic areas:

• Cultural Borders
• Mobility and Migration in Europe
• Institutions, Parties, and Movements
• External Relations, Security, and Trade