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Photo: Evelyn Järvsén

Our research

At the Institute of Biomedicine, we study the biological foundations for human health and disease. Our research areas cover the gap between basic sciences and clinical medicine. An important goal of our work is to use new insights about molecular disease mechanisms to develop diagnostic tools and new therapies.

The research at our Institute is conducted in many forms and has many different directions, but can still be generally regarded as belonging to one or more of our Key Areas:

Follow the links in the list above to search for research groups within each Key Area. Each Department's page also has a list of its affiliated researchers (see links at the bottom of this page). 

Our research environment is further strengthened by the multitude of interactions that occur between these areas – for instance, research groups can combine cancer research with immunology/inflammation or with genetics. The Institute is actively working to create translational research environments by promoting collaboration between clinical and preclinical research groups.

Such collaborative research efforts can for example be seen in our Research Centers:

The funding for the Institute's research groups is mainly external, provided by research foundations in Sweden, the EU, and other countries, competing nationally and internationally for grants. Private foundations and donations also contribute generously to the Institute's research. From these sources, the Institute has also received grants for major strategic initiatives.

In close connection to our research localities, the Sahlgrenska Academy has established a number of Core Facilities which provide our scientists with state-of-the-art technology in areas such as imaging, proteomics, genomics, bioinformatics, mouse genetics and therapeutic oligonucleotides. 

Our individual research groups and their projects are also listed at the respective web page of each Department within the Institute. Please follow the links below to the Department pages.