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University of Gothenburg
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Department of Infectious Diseases

Research and teaching on basic and clinical microbiology, infection and inflammation are conducted at the Department of Infectious Diseases.

The Department of Infectious Diseases covers clinical microbiology and infection. We conduct research in both basic and clinical microbiology, which includes everything from pathogenic viruses, fungi and bacteria to the commensal microbiota, as well as immunology and cancer research. Research on infectious diseases includes HIV, hepatitis, endocarditis and pneumonia. We work closely with the Sahlgrenska University Hospital, both the Infection Clinic and Clinical Microbiology, which is the laboratory that handles the microbiological diagnostics in the medical field.

The department hosts CARe - the center for research on antibiotic resistance - which conducts research on how antibiotic resistance arises and is selected.

CCUG, the Culture Collection of the University of Gothenburg, is a bacterial strain collection and a European center for bacterial typing and species determination. Many new bacterial species see the light of day at CCUG, which belongs to the Sahlgrenska University Hospital, but where many researchers are affiliated with the Department of Infectious Diseases.

The department conducts a very active teaching in many different educational programs: medical, nursing, pharmacist and biomedical technician, to name a few. We also teach food-related microbiology on the Diet and Health program. A Nordic Master's program in Medical Microbiology with a focus on infection control and hygiene is conducted at the department.