University of Gothenburg

Key Research Areas

Key Areas within the research at the Institute of Biomedicine

The Institute of Biomedicine has a departmental structure consisting of four departments, which creates a critical mass necessary for nationally leading, and internationally competitive research. This structure largely mirrors that of the division of clinical units at Sahlgrenska University Hospital (SU, separate entity from GU), which is one of our largest partners. The close collaboration with SU, which is part of the Västra Götaland region, a county bringing together large parts of Western Sweden, means that our research becomes both nationally and internationally visible and easily applicable. In addition to our advanced translational research, we conduct basic molecular and microbiological, biochemical and medical research at a high international level with many worldwide research collaborations.


In our drive to be nationally leading and internationally competitive, we focus on strategies that will develop research environments that suit our defined research areas. The Department of Biomedicine has four main key areas.


1. Infection and immunology

2. Cancer and stem cell biology

3. Genetics and molecular medicine

4. Cell and molecular biology, including glycobiology

Research groups in key areas