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University of Gothenburg

Institute of Biomedicine

Contact information

Postal address
Göteborgs universitet
Institutionen för biomedicin
Box 440
405 30 Göteborg
Visiting address
Medicinaregatan 9A
Shipping address
Göteborgs universitet
Institutionen för biomedicin
Medicinaregatan 1G
413 90 Göteborg

Sven Enerbäck, Head of Institute

Marianne Quiding-Järbrink, Deputy Head of Institute

Anne Uv, Assistant Head of Institute, Education

Claes Gustafsson, Assistant Head of Institute, Research 

Anders Lindahl, Assistant Head of Institute, Colloboration with the medical services

Birgitta Vallhagen, Adminstrative Manager

Department of Infectious Diseases
Agnes Wold, Head of Department 

Department of Laboratory Medicine
Lars Palmqvist, Head of Department 

Department of Medical Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Bengt Hallberg, Head of Department 

Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Mary Jo Wick, Head of Department 

Camilla Hesse, Head of Teaching Staff at the Unit for Biomedical Analyst Education 

Sahlgrenska Center for Cancer Research
Mikael Nilsson

CARe - Antibiotic Resistance Research
Joakim Larsson

Niclas Lundh, Administrative Coordinator

Olivia Jungstrand, Finance Coordinator

Katarina Högström, Human Resources Coordinator

Åsa Samdell, Programme Coordinator