University of Gothenburg
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Department of Medical Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Scientific research at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Cell Biology addresses fundamental questions in biochemistry and cell biology.

The department conducts research on the structure and function of biomolecules as well as the structure, development and function of cells and tissues. The research carried in our department investigates basic scientific mechanisms and their medical significance, with many projects performed in close collaboration with clinical collaborators and the pharmaceutical industry. The department is responsible for teaching anatomy, molecular cell biology, developmental biology and functional cell biology within the medical program. The department is also responsible for the teaching of cell biology within the pharmacy program and participates in teaching on the dental program and on the biomedical analyst program.



Research groups at the department

Fredrik Bergh Thorén
NK cells in inflammation and cancer

George Birchenough
Goblet cell-mediated mucosal defence

Magnus Braide
Peritoneal dialysis and peritoneal reactions to biomaterials 

Joan Camuñas
Data-driven biomedicine and precision medicine

Helena Carén
Brain cancer stem cells and tumour epigenetics

Sven Enerbäck
Transcriptional regulation of metabolic pathways

Maria Falkenberg
Molecular mechanisms of DNA replication in human mitochondria

Claes Gustafsson
Mitochondrial gene expression

Bengt Hallberg
The function and importance of ALK TRK in development and disease

Gunnar Hansson
Mucus and mucins in the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts

Eva Jennische
Antisecretory Factor in inflammation and secretion disorders

Linda Johansson
Structure-function of transmembrane protein complexes

Malin Johansson
Studies of different goblet cells and proteins involved in mucus protection of the intestinal epithelium

Chandrasekhar Kanduri
Noncoding RNA in Development and Disease

Erik Larsson Lekholm 
Human genomics and bioinformatics group

Per Lindahl
Pro-oxidant cancer therapies

Sara Lindén 
Mucins in infection and cancer

Ana Luis
Microbiota-mucin interactions in the human gut

Mikael Nilsson
Mechanisms and pathogenesis of thyroid cancer

Kjell Olmarker
Disc herniation and sciatica - Improved diagnostics and innovative medical treatments

Martin Ott
Mitochondrial Biogenesis

Ruth Palmer
Investigating the ALK receptor tyrosine kinase in development and disease

Ingela Parmryd
The Interplay between Lipid Nanodomains, Protein Clusters and Cell Topography in Cell Signalling

Thaher Pelaseyed
Membrane mucins in mucosal innate immunity

Aishe Sarshad
Noncoding small RNAs in health and disease 

Susann Teneberg
Glycosphingolipids in infection and immunity

Anne Uv
Epithelial tube morphogenesis

Sjoerd van Der Post