University of Gothenburg

Department of Laboratory Medicine

At the Department of Laboratory Medicine, we study stem cell biology, neurobiology, glycobiology, cancer as well as inflammatory cardiovascular, hematologic, muscle and metabolic diseases. The aim is to understand the pathological mechanisms and to develop efficient diagnostic strategies and precision based therapies for the patients.

Our research is often translational in nature, i.e. having both basic scientific as well as clinical features and can move freely between these. Particularly well-represented research areas include cancer (solid tumours as well as hematological malignancies), metabolic, infectious, inflammatory, and cardiovascular diseases, stem cell and rengenerative medicine, glycobiology as well as research into stroke and neuropsychiatric disorders.

The Department is also responsible for courses in pathology, clinical chemistry and genetics at the medical and odontological programmes, and participates in several other courses arranged by the Institute of Biomedicine.