Amy Alexander


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40530 Göteborg

Om Amy Alexander


Associate Professor (Docent) in the Department of Political Science, member of the collegium of the Quality of Government Institute and Principal Investigator of the World Values Survey South Africa


I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science. My research focuses on gender, gender equality and politics. Recent and current projects evaluate:

- the relationship between gender attitudes, political authoritarianism and democratic values;

- gender, gender equality and corruption;

-the measurement of individuals' diversity in their gender identities and the impact on political attitudes and behavior;

-the measurement of individuals' gender equality and freedom of sexuality attitudes and the impact on political attitudes and behavior;

- global variation in historical patterns of gender equality and implications for countries' societal achievements today;

- how women's empowerment and gender equality improves quality of government and through which mechanisms the influence operates;

- the variation in democracies’ efforts to develop institutions, rights and policies that empower gender diversity.

- the effects of growth in women’s political representation on women’s political knowledge, political engagement, and beliefs concerning women’s suitability as political leaders.

I have published on these and related topics in several peer-reviewed journals including Political Research Quarterly; International Organization, Comparative Politics, Social Indicators Research, the European Sociological Review, Gender and Society, the Journal of Comparative Economics, Public Choice, and Politics and Gender.

Pågående forskning

Please see my CV for a more detailed overview of my publications and research projects.