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U-GOT KIES research activites

This page presents activities within U-GOT KIES. You can also find events and seminars in the calendar.

Upcoming activities 2021

Here are activities where our researchers are active in organizing, attending, and/or the centre is organizing. The list of current events will be further updated as more events are planned.

July and August

8th July – 10th July ISS Conference

The 18th International Joseph Schumpeter (ISS) Conference, with the theme ”Schumpeterian perspectives on radical change”.

Bagley, Buenstorf, and Saemundsson present papers, written with co-authors including Gifford and McKelvey. The researchers Buenstorf, Holmén, Mas Tur, McKelvey, Rake and Saemundsson currently (or previously) have served as ISS Board Members. McKelvey is President-Elect of ISS, and will organize ISS2024 in Gothenburg.

29th July – 4th August, AOM Conference

The AOM 2021 conference theme is ”Bringing the Manager back in Management”

Brunnström presents a paper, written with a co-author. Centre members have presented many papers during previous years, and active in PDWs and special tracks.


1st September

Anders Broström, Associate Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), starts as Visiting Teacher/Researcher (20%) at Unit and Centre.

2nd – 4th September, EAEPE Conference

The 33rd EAEPE conference on ”Recovery from the Covid-19 Pandemic: Re-thinking the role of the state towards safe, cohesive, sustainable and innovative economies”

Nathalie Lazaric, President of EAEPE

5th September, Deadline to submit to GeoInnno2020 Conference

Workshop on survey methodology: Date to be confirmed

Anders Broström will hold a methodological workshop on surveys for studying innovation, entrepreneurship and strategy


18th – 20th October, DRUID Conference

DRUID21, hosted by CBS, is a premier conference on innovation and dynamics of structural, institutional, and geographical change.

Several paper are submitted by researchers. Centre members have presented many papers during the decades at DRUID and DRUID Academy. McKelvey previously served on the DRUID Advisory Board.

21nd October, U-GOT KIES Workshop on Knowledge transfer

The centre U-GOT KIES will host a workshop, in connection with the opening ceremony

22nd October, Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony for the U-GOT KIES Research Center & first meeting of Steering Committee.

The Open Ceremony includes a debate about entrepreneurship and innovation, involving researchers, entrepreneurs and large company change-agents involved in the cultural, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, and transportation industries.

Confirmed speakers (amongst others) include Erik Gatenholm (founder of Cellink); José González (singer – songwriter – guitarist) and Anna Sandström (AstraZeneca, Director Science Policy and Relations Europe).

Workshop on emerging climate technologies & innovation: Date to be confirmed

We are planning a workshop on emerging technologies & innovation for climate technologies.

Launch of the Edward Elgar book Innovative Capabilities and the Globalization of Chinese Firms: Date to be confirmed

Jun Jin (Zheijang University and previously guest researcher with us) and Maureen McKelvey have edited a book about innovation in Chinese firms, with a focus upon how they are becoming leaders within knowledge-intensive innovation ecosystems.

Read more about the book at:


1st  December 2021: Deadline for SI on Rethinking Medical Innovation

Deadline for submission to Special Issue on ”Rethinking Medical Innovation: ” for the journal Innovation: Organization and Management

Editors of SI: Magnus Gulbrandsen (University of Oslo), Maureen McKelvey (University of Gothenburg), Fiona Miller (University of Toronto), and Bastian Rake (Maynooth University)

The objective of this SI is to promote research which rethinks medical innovation – defined broadly – addresses change processes involving business, science, technnology and society.

  • Theme 1: The Changing Business Organization of Medical Innovation and R&D
  • Theme 2: Responding to Crisis with Medical Innovation
  • Theme 3: Innovation Policies for Medical Innovation
  • Theme 4: Hospitals and Patients in Medical Innovation and Delivery of Care

15th December 2021: Deadline for SI on Creative Industries Entrepreneurship

Deadline for submission to Special Issue on ”Creative Industries Entrepreneurship as a Means for Sustianable Innovative Transition” for the journal Sustainability

Editors of SI: Erik Gustafsson (University of Gothenburg); Astrid Heidemann Lassen and Maureen McKelvey (University of Gothenburg),

The objective of this SI is reflect upon the future for creative industries, and especially how innnovation and entrepreneurship can contribute to sustainable transition.

Topics include:

  • Sustainable transition through business model innovation in creative industries;
  • Open innovation processes in creative industries: strengths and weaknesses for sustainable transition;
  • Specifics of knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship in creative industries;
  • Collaborative practices for creativity and public policy;
  • The role of universities/higher education for sustainable transition in creative industries.

16th-17th December, WOMI2021

The 10th Annual WOMI: Workshop on Medical Innovation & Heathcare, in Gothenburg.

Organized jointly by Maureen McKelvey (University of Gothenburg), Magnus Holmén (Halmstad University), and Rögnvaldur Saemundsson (University of Gothenburg, Halmstad University, and University of Iceland), through the U-GOT KIES centre.


19th-21st January 2022: NORSI Research School Conference 2022

NORSI provides a research school in innovation and entrepreneurship in Nordic countries. The 1st annnual conference as a Nordic research school will focus upon presentations, networks and research exchanges.

U-GOT KIES is an institutional member, and encourage PhD students to participate.

26th – 28th January 2022: GEOINNO2022 Conference

GEOINNO2022 Conference, The Geography of Innnovation Conference provides a forum for discussion regarding spatial dimensions of innovation activities.

Organized by Bocconi University and Poliss

Centre members have presented many papers during past Geoinno conferences