University of Gothenburg
woman conducting health care research by several computer screens
Photo: Kiefer Likens

Our research

Research in the health and care sciences focuses on people’s experiences of ill health, disease and suffering. The research is conducted in conjunction with recovery, the retention and promotion of good health as well as in socio-cultural structures and in relation to the body as a biological system. Learning is a central part of health and care sciences, as is the organisation of healthcare.

Person centred care

Person-centred care is a research profile that permeates the Institute of health and care sciences. Person-centred care is about focusing on the person in the  health care setting, and not just the disease. This approach has a long tradition in nursing and care research at the University of Gothenburg.  With the concept of person-centred care, researchers at our department have passed this tradition on and developed knowledge that is both used in education and applied and evaluated in health care. The Center for Person-Centred Care, GPCC, has been a part of the department since 2010 and is a national, interdisciplinary center with financial support from the government's strategic investment in health research.