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Monika Mondor

Senior Lecturer

Department of Languages &
Visiting address
Renströmsgatan 6
41256 Göteborg
Room number
Postal address
Box 200
40530 Göteborg

About Monika Mondor


I am a senior lecturer in English linguistics. I teach undergraduate courses and supervise degree papers for the general purpose courses, but at this point, mostly within the teacher education programme. Some examples of types of courses I teach are grammar, academic writing and phonetics, but also more culturally oriented courses on the connection between language, culture and society. I have a teacher's degree in English and Swedish for upper secondary school. In my PhD thesis, I examined the verb-particle construction in the argumentative writing of advanced learners of English. More recent areas of interest include, for example, computer-mediated communication, the growth of English as a global language, and the concept of Bildung in relation to higher education.

Publications 2000 - 2004

Mondor, Monika. 2004. Eriksson, Andreas & Monika Mondor. 2004. Computer-aided error tagging: a description of a new type of error tagging. In Larsson Ringqvist, Eva, Moira Linnarud and Ingela Valfridsson (Eds.). Forskning om Undervisning i Främmande Språk. Presentationer vid Workshop i Växjö 10-11 juni 2004. Växjö: Växjö Wexionensis.

Hägglund, Monika. 2001. Do Swedish advanced learners use spoken language when they write in English? A quantitative study of some common phrasal verbs in the written language of Swedish advanced learners, native students and professional writers. Moderna Språk XCV (1):2-8.

Hägglund, Monika. 2000. Reda ut begreppen och figure it out: om partikelförbindelse, phrasal verb och andra närliggande konstruktioner i SAG och CGEL [Reda ut begreppen’ and figure it out: on phrasal verbs and related constructions in the Swedish Academy Grammar and a Comprehensive Grammmar of the English Language] In Engdahl, Elisabet & Kerstin Norén (Eds.). Att Använda SAG. 29 Uppsatser om Svenska Akademiens Grammatik [Using SAG: 29 essays on the Swedish Academy Grammar]. Gothenburg: Meddelanden från Institutionen för Svenska Språket (MISS), University of Gothenburg.