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Our research

Human activity is increasingly global as social actors and sites become linked to a 'globalized space'. The School of Global Studies presents research of high international standard that explores our global challenges.

At the School of Global Studies, we focus on major and pressing global challenges related to issues such as climate change and sustainability, war and peace, migration, human rights, power relations, culture/cultural diversity, and societal change. The department provides a unique environment for interdisciplinary research in Peace and Development Research, Environmental Social Science, Human Rights, and Social Anthropology. Our research is conducted collaboratively by researchers from many different research areas, thus, we understand global patterns from different perspectives and approaches. Our know-how is based on deep analysis, empirical and locally rooted knowledge, dialogues and conversations with individuals and groups, and understanding of local conditions and global processes.

The research at the School of Global Studies consists of a unique combination of strong research subjects and interdisciplinary research groups with both senior and junior researchers. Our research projects are connected to our subject areas and/or to our research groups.

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Michael Schulz, professor in Peace and Development
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Swati Parashar, professor in Peace and Development