University of Gothenburg


The School of Global Studies offers a number of doctoral courses that are open for PhD students from other departments and universities.

Upcoming courses

Applied Theorizing
Course period: 9 January-24 February 2023
7.5 credits
Apply by 1 December 2022

The course aim to develop your theorizing skills through both critical reflection and hands-on exercises. The course covers issues such as the role of theory in a doctoral dissertation, and how to identify the ideas worth pursuing, how to formulate a research problem, and how to situate your PhD project within a larger academic discourse.

Research Design in Qualitative Inquiry
Course period: 27 February 2023 - 31 March 2023
7.5 credits
Apply by 27 January 2023

In this course, PhD students critically assess and discuss research design approaches in qualitative research, and also develop the research design for their own dissertation project.

Ethical and Methodological Challenges in Field Research
Course period: 3 April -12 May 2023
7.5 credits
Apply by 24 February 2023

The course addresses ethical and methodological challenges encountered by researchers doing fieldwork in various contexts. It reflects on a range of problems a researcher encounters through the research process, and also invites PhD students to reflect on their own planned research.