University of Gothenburg


The School of Global Studies offers a number of doctoral courses that are open for PhD students from other departments and universities.

Upcoming courses

Political ecology: Power, conflict, and sustainability
Course period: 9 October - 12 November 2023
7.5 credits
Apply by 17 September 2023

The course focuses on political ecology as a toolbox for analyzing power, conflict, and sustainability in relation to the environment. It introduces key concepts and recent theoretical developments in the field, including environmental anthropology, ecological economics, intersectionality, and tools for conflict transformation.

Ethnographic method

Course period: 1 November - 6 December 2023
7.5 credits
Apply by 18 October 2023

This course aims to develop advanced knowledge in how to conduct an ethnographic study in terms of data collection and analysis. The course covers how to structure a study in a coherent manner by integrating theory and empirical material.

Applied Theorizing

Course period: 13 November - 15 December 2023
7,5 credits
Apply by 23 October 2023

The course aims to develop your theorizing skills through both critical reflection and hands-on exercises. The course covers issues such as the role of theory in a doctoral dissertation, and how to identify the ideas worth pursuing, how to formulate a research problem, and how to situate your PhD project within a larger academic discourse.