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Critical Heritage Studies

Approaching heritage critically, this research group investigates how heritage intersects with global issues such as identity politics, commemoration of conflict and disasters, or sustainability and climate change. The aim is to develop and support research collaboration within this field in order to build a strong and creative research environment.

About us

This research group investigates heritage from a critical perspective, exploring how contemporary political, economic, social and cultural processes draw on, but also shape and construct, particular configurations of past, present and future.
Research projects linked to the group focus on questions such as:

  • How is the concept of heritage understood, practiced and consumed within different social and cultural contexts?
  • How is heritage implicated in tourism, identity politics, and in relation to rights, property and ownership?
  • How are memory processes, traditions and heritage used in reconciliation processes?
  • How does heritage intersect with other concepts related to time, transition and temporality in challenges such as climate change and the Anthropocene?

The goal of the research group Critical Heritage Studies, which is linked to the UGOT Challenges initiative the Centre for Critical Heritage Studies and the cluster Making Global Heritage Futures, is to develop and support research collaboration within this field in order to build a strong and creative inter- and transdisciplinary research environment. This is achieved through seminars in which we read key texts, or texts related to participants’ on-going projects or research applications, as well as listen to invited guest speakers.

Welcome to the following events! Bring lunch and join us in room C417, At the School of Global Studies.

November 11, 12.00-13.00
Dust in the Deformation Zone: what ruins and ruination can tell us about maintenance and its lack, in Kiruna, Sweden. Eric Boyd, PhD with Durham Arctic Interdisciplinary Research Group, Durham and Visiting Researcher at SGS.

December 16, 12.00-13.00 - CANCELLED. NEW DATE: 27 Jan, 2023.
Transitional Justice for Indigenous Communities. Sara L. Ochs, Assistant Professor of Law, University of Louisville, USA, postdoc at SGS.

December 13, 10.00-12.00 (beginning with Lucia fika at 9.30)
Making Global Heritage Futures Winter Seminar:
From sustainable waste buckets to dark sky heritage.
Participants: Veera Kinnunen, University of Oulu; Dominique van de Klundert, Freie Universität Berlin; Caroline Owman, Stockholm University; Thomas Laurien, GU; Staffan Appelgren and Anna Bohlin, GU.

For questions, contact Staffan Appelgren or Anna Bohlin.

Research projects