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Are you interested in how global questions like equality, the environment, peace, democracy, and international relations affect people’s lives? Apply for education at the School of Global Studies if you seek a deeper understanding of our globalized world.

The education at the School of Global Studies is characterized by high engagement in current global affairs. The broad social sciences perspectives of our education give you an in-depth understanding of current issues and give you tools to critically analyse social phenomena in a globalized world. Graduating from the School of Global Studies will prepare you for work in a global arena.

Studying and living in Gothenburg

Withdrawn corona restrictions

On September 29, a majority of the corona restrictions will be withdrawn. This means that you can start to use our study places and group rooms again and that you will soon be able to go back to teaching on campus.

Courses that have already been scheduled online for the first part of the semester will continue online as planned, but your teachers have the option to give seminars on campus. Online teaching will be maintained to complement any campus teaching during the first part of the semester. Your teacher will inform you if there are changes made.

The School of Global Studies plans to start the campus-based teaching on November 1, so please make sure that you can be present for teaching in Gothenburg by then.

Information related to your course is found in Canvas, and general information is found on the department pages in the Student Portal.

To reduce infection, all students and staff must stay home if they have any cold symptoms. It is also encouraged for all students and staff to get vaccinated if possible.

Video (1:18)
Cressida de Witte at the Master's Programme in Global Studies