University of Gothenburg

Collaboration and outreach

Intense and complex global networking characterizes the daily work at the School of Global Studies. National and international collaboration is a fundamental activity at the department.

Our researchers collaborate with universities and scientists worldwide, as well as with a variety of representatives from civil society, social movements, trade unions, and government agencies. Our research projects are often formulated and implemented together with colleagues that are linked to overseas universities.

At the School of Global Studies, we also offer international experiences for our outgoing students through exchange programmes and internships and offer second cycle courses in Global Studies and Human Rights for incoming students. The department also participates in exchange programmes such as Erasmus Mundus.

Interested in collaborating with us?

Contact Linda Genborg, Communications Officer, or Michael Schulz, Head of the School of Global Studies, and share your ideas!


Gender and Development in Practice 
In 2007 the network Gender and Development in Practice (GADIP) was established to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences between researchers and practitioners.

Resistance Studies Network
The Resistance Studies Network was formed by researchers at the School of Global Studies to counteract the lack of academic research within the field of resistance and social change. With the help of networking, collaborative conferences, research and publication projects, and thematic educational events, the network hopes to deepen the cooperation between researchers interested in understanding practices of resistance, and its connections to power and social change.

Association of Human Rights Institutes 
The School of Global Studies is a member of the Association of Human Rights Institutes (AHRI), a network for research and education in human rights.