University of Gothenburg
The School of Global Studies' facilities in Gothenburg.
Photo: Evelina Assarsson

About us

The School of Global Studies constitutes a unique environment for education and research and offers a combination of disciplines that examine the complexity of globalization. We are 120 members of staff that work as teachers, researchers, and administrative staff, and together we educate around 1000 students every year. The department is a part of the Faculty of Social Sciences and is located at Campus Linné.

Alumni network

Have you studied at the School of Global Studies? Then you are an alumna/alumnus and welcome to join our alumni network. Your experiences from both studies and from your professional life are valuable for both us, and for those interested in our courses and programmes. The alumni network at the University of Gothenburg allows you to maintain and broaden your social and professional contacts, and stay updated on research and education.

If you are interested in arranging guest lectures or find students for internships at your workplace you are welcome to contact the School of Global Studies. Let’s stay in touch for mutual benefit!