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Guest researcher programme

The School of Global Studies’ research strategy focuses on developing and maintaining a vibrant research culture for staff and graduate students through activities, facilities, and exchange. The School of Global Studies runs a Guest Researcher Programme for post-graduate researchers, Guest Research Fellows, or Guest Professors.

As a guest researcher, you get to contribute to and participate in the collaborative research environment at the School of Global Studies. Guest researchers at the department are assigned to work within a discipline, a research group, or with a particular researcher.

To apply for the Guest Researcher Programme you must have established contact with an academic host at the School of Global studies who is prepared to introduce and support you during your stay.

Programme objectives

The Guest Researchers Programme intend:

  • To actively contribute to the research environment and postgraduate programme at the School of Global Studies.
  • To enable research staff and doctoral students at the department to work with leading academics and professionals from Sweden or elsewhere.
  • To give academics an opportunity to collaborate in joint research with colleagues at the School of Global Studies.
  • To develop and promote links with other institutions, governments and organizations in Sweden and overseas.

Apply to the guest researcher programme

Applications are welcome throughout the year and there is no official application deadline.

To apply for the Guest Researcher Programme at the School of Global Studies you must submit:

  • application form;
  • research proposal;
  • CV;
  • and a letter of support from an established full member of staff.*

* Before completing an application form, prospective guest researchers need to identify a full member of the School of Global Studies who is willing to act as their host. In the process of identifying a host, prospective guest researchers shall first contact the Deputy Head of Department (Anders Burman,  for input on available and suitable hosts.
The applicant should discuss with their host the possibilities of contributing to the department in their area of research and this should be included in the application form. The host will be involved in inducting their approved guest researcher into the department, particularly by introducing them to research groups, key staff, and graduate students. They should provide guidance and contacts for the duration of the stay.

Send your application documents to the Guest Researcher Programme Coordinator via email or mail:

  • Email: 
  • Postal address:
    Gustav Aldén Rudd
    Guest Researcher Programme Coordinator
    School of Global Studies
    P.O. Box 700
    405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden

Applications will be considered by the Deputy Head of Department at the School of Global Studies.

About the programme

It is up to the guest researcher to find their own accommodation.

Start by contacting the programme coordinator to check for availability in the department's guest apartment. It is possible to rent our small guest apartment if available. 

Use the University's Welcome Services website to find other accommodations.

Guest researchers will be asked to contribute to one or more of the following department activities according to the length of their stay:

  • Collaborate on a research project with a staff member at the department.
  • Participate in one of the research groups and/or disciplines within the department (e.g seminars, workshops, conferences).
  • Co-author an article or other publication with a staff member of the department.
  • In collaboration with colleagues at SGS, develop a research proposal to apply for an external funding award through the department.
  • Contribute to the graduate and/or undergraduate programme by holding a special seminar or similar activity.

The stay may vary between 1-12 months. Applicants who do not intend to stay for a whole academic year are advised to plan their stay to cover one or more of Gothenburg University’s two semesters, as colleagues are less likely to be available outside of these dates (preferably 1st of September – 20th December, or 1st of February – 31st of May).

The School of Global Studies cannot host guest researchers between 20 June and 20 August due to the summer holidays. Guest researchers who plan to stay for a shorter period will only be assigned a workroom if space permits.

The School of Global Studies does not provide a salary to guest researchers. Guest researchers are expected to be funded through their home department or other funders.

Guest researchers visiting the School of Global Studies for up to 3 months will be fully insured through the University of Gothenburg during the whole stay, also outside office hours. Guest researchers visiting for more than three months must issue their own insurance covering the whole stay.

Guest researchers are requested to provide the department's Communications Officer with a short biography and a statement of what they intend to do during their visit before they arrive. This presentation will be published on our website.

Early in their visit guest researchers will be asked to meet with the Head of Department, the Program Coordinator as well as other relevant Academic Staff.

At the end of the stay, guest researchers are asked to provide an activity report to be attached to your web presentation, providing an overview of activities and outputs and how they have contributed to the department during their visit.