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Guest Researcher: Kristin Wiksell

Kristin Wiksell is a PhD Student in Sociology at Karlstad University and holds a B.A degree in Social Psychology from the Bachelor’s Programme in Human Resource Management and Working Life at Uppsala University, and a Master’s degree in Sociology. Kristin will attend the guest researcher programme at the School of Global Studies from January to June 2020.

Kristin’s doctoral project concerns how marginal organizational forms, specifically worker cooperatives in Sweden, construct and organize themselves in relation to the capitalist context wherein they act. Kristin’s expertise resides in a Foucauldian perspective on power, and in the field of Resistance Studies where she specifically uses concepts such as constructive resistance and critical resistance in the study of discursive articulations and forms of organizing. Kristin works mainly with qualitative methods, such as interviews, observations, and discourse analysis.

At the School of Global Studies, Kristin will continue and develop her participation in the research group Power, Resistance, and Social Change. This semester, Kristin will work on finishing the first draft for the cloak of the dissertation. She will also submit the fourth article for the compilation thesis, together with a colleague at Karlstad University, which focuses on co-ops’ resistance to hierarchical governing through practices of intimacy.

Kristin Wiksell
Kristin Wiksell

Host at SGS

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