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Guest Researcher: Raul Carizzo

Raul Carrizo is a graduate in Philosophy that currently works in the Area and Forum of Latin American Thinking. Raul will attend the guest researcher programme at the School of Global Studies from December 2019 to March 2020.

Raul previously lectured in the Philosophical Anthropology and Sociology courses given at the National University of Tucuman (UNT, Argentina). He is also the author of “Human Condition and Ethical Enunciation: Practices and Discourses of the Madres de Plaza de Mayo” (2005, in Spanish). During the 1990s, Carrizo was the local coordinator of EATIP (Argentinean Working Group for Psycho-Social Research) and since 2005 and until today, Carrizo is the producer and anchor of the radio program “Por las plazas con las Madres”, that won the AFSCA Special Mention in 2015. He also published two books of poems and three books of essay about human rights, culture, and politics. More recently, his research focuses on Latin American philosophy and human rights by studying the ethical dilemmas related to the enunciation and uses of the memory of genocide in Human Rights Studies.

Raul´s main subjects are Human Rights, Latin American Philosophy, Organizational Theories, and Mental Health. At the School of Global Studies, Raul will be giving lectures and seminars as well as doing research and networking with colleagues and social organizations in the fields of Human Rights and Latin American Studies. His current research is focused on European cases of the use of historical memories of genocides to be used in his comparative study of similarities and differences with Latin American cases.

Raul Carrizo
Raul Carrizo

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