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Guest Researcher: Muhammad Ejaz

Muhammad Ejaz (Abbasi), a PhD student at the Hazara University in Mansehra, Pakistan, will be a guest researcher at the School of Global Studies from April to September 2019.

“My research topic is ‘Civil Society and Peacebuilding in Pakistan: A Critical Analysis’ and Dr. Adil Seemab is supervising me. In my research, I intend to work on the role of civil society in the transformation of ethnic conflicts and ultimately bringing about sustainable peace. Furthermore, the main discussion will be on the role, challenges, and potentials of the civil society of Pakistan in the peacebuilding,” said Muhammad Ejaz.

During his time at the School of Global Studies, Muhammad Ejaz hopes to gain new theoretical insights of relevance to his research on the role of civil society in peacebuilding. His contact person at the School of Global Studies is Camilla Orjuela, Professor in peace and development research.

As a guest researcher at SGS, he has been sponsored by the Higher Education Commission Islamabad (Pakistan), which regulates and accredit the Higher Education Institutes and Universities in Pakistan.

“My border interests in the academics are civil resistance, peacebuilding, ethnic conflicts, regional organizations, South Asian politics, and Pakistani Society, Politics and Foreign Affairs. My unpublished research theses, my research papers, and periodicals are basically related to the above-mentioned areas,” said Muhammad Ejaz.

“Furthermore, I am also a member of the National Youth Assembly, National Peace Council, Inter-Faith Harmony, Pakistanis, and PASS – organizations, which are working for social uplift of the masses, peacebuilding, and countering the narratives of extremists in the country."

Muhammad Ejaz
Muhammad Ejaz
Photo: Linda Genborg