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Fact Sheets on the 2019 European Parliament Election

The European Parliament elections took place on 26 May, 2019. The Swedish National Election Studies Program and the Centre for European Research (CERGU) at the University of Gothenburg jointly created a series of fact sheets in order to the contribute to the research-based knowledge and information leading up to the elections. The purpose of this series of fact sheets is to offer voters a basic understanding about what is entailed in the European Parliament elections, differences in voting behavior, and knowledge of citizens.

Fact Sheets on the EP Elections

Fact Sheet 1: Sweden a trend breaker regarding electoral turnout (pdf)
Fact Sheet 2: Dramatic differences in turnout across the EU (pdf)
Fact Sheet 3: Wrong choice for the British to leave EU according to half of EU population (pdf)
Fact Sheet 4: If the vote to exit the EU was held tomorrow (pdf)
Fact Sheet 5: Party Groups and Swedish Parties in the European Parliament (pdf)
Fact Sheet 6: Brexit alters the distribution of seats in the European Parliament election (pdf)
Fact Sheet 7: Different Elections, Different Voting Patterns (pdf)
Fact Sheet 8: More preferential voting in European Parliament elections (pdf)
Fact Sheet 9: Record high support for the EU in Sweden (pdf)
Fact Sheet 10: Differing attitudes towards the EU (pdf)
Fact Sheet 11: Party sympathy and attitude towards Sweden's membership in the EU (pdf)
Fact Sheet 12: Swedes negative about introducing euro as currency (pdf)
Fact Sheet 13: Swedes’ views on how the EU affects different policy areas (pdf)
Fact Sheet 14: The ‘Spitzenkandidaten’ in European Parliament Elections (pdf)
Fact Sheet 15: Party Groups in the European Parliament: What they stand for and their ideologies (pdf)
Fact Sheet 16: Equality in Parliament is increasing over time (pdf)
Fact Sheet 17: Different elections – different issues (pdf)
Fact Sheet 18: The importance of top candidates (pdf)
Fact Sheet 19: Greatest interest in the EU election in Sweden (pdf)
Fact Sheet 20: The strongest and weakest municipalities for each party in the EU election (pdf)
Fact Sheet 21: Later Decisions in EU-elections (pdf)
Fact Sheet 22: So many voters watch the final TVdebates between top candidates (pdf)
Fact Sheet 23: The result of the Swedish EU election 2019 (pdf)
Fact Sheet 24: Electoral turnout in the EU election 2019 (pdf)