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Dig Where You Stand

The Dig Where You Stand (DWYS) research team engages history from the ground approaches to heritage.

Mobilizing activist ideas from Sven Lindqvist’s critical heritage classic Dig Where You Stand (1978, in English 2023), we aim to develop new critical heritage methodologies. Bringing together research and practice we explore downplayed heritage to enable people to think about themselves, their communities, their environment, their pasts, their aspirations, and their futures in new and transformative ways.

The DWYS team is jointly coordinated by Andrew Flinn at UCL and Astrid von Rosen at UGOT. Research contributors include Julianne Nyhan, Alda Terracciano, Susan Croft, Helena Holgersson, and Fia Adler Sandblad. In particular, the team draws on recent theoretical developments within archival science, the arts, critical digital humanities, DIY cultures, heritage activism, and international networks. Furthering the work conducted within the team’s major DWYS research projects, it welcomes new DWYS initiatives. 


An Introduction to the Long-awaited English Translation of Dig Where You Stand (2023) in Dig Where You Stand How to Research a Job. Repeater Books. Co-authors Flinn A, von Rosen A


Dig Where You Stand How to Research a Job (2023). Repeater Books. Co-authors Lindqvist S, Flinn A (Editor), von Rosen A (Editor)

Passion och protest: Den svarta danskonstnären Claude Marchants liv och verk (2024). Makadam. Co-authors von Rosen A, Westerholm B.


The Practice of History

Can Workers Take Back The World They Made Under Capitalism?: Dig Where You Stand

Research projects

Expansion and Diversity

AHRC Towards a National Collection (TaNC) Discovery project - The Sloane Lab: Looking back to build future shared collections

AHRC - DFG funded - MeDoraH: Mixed-methods Digital Oral History: Enfolding semantic web technologies and historical-interpretative analysis


Dr Andrew Flinn ,
Reader in Archival Studies & Oral History, Vice Dean for Postgraduate Research and Faculty Graduate Tutor, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Department of Information Studies, UCL

Dr Astrid von Rosen,
Professor, Art history and Visual Studies, Director Centre for Critical Heritage Studies, UGOT, Department of Cultural Sciences, University of Gothenburg