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Astrid von Rosen på Forum Kulturarv 2022
Photo: Jenny Högström Berntson

Through CCHS, you become part of a cross-facultative and international research environment.

A large part of CCHS's activities are open to everyone (seminars, newsletters, social media, etc.).  PhD students, early career researchers and senior researcher with a focus on critical heritage studies at the University of Gothenburg are welcome to join the activities more actively.

If you are an active researcher at the University of Gothenburg:

  • Participate in or present research at the CCHS event series. If interested, contact Jenny Högström Berntson (
  • CCHS distribute a Newsletter with international scope - do you want to be featured in the newsletter or share news? Contact:
  • Are you a critical heritage studies researcher and want visibility through our web? Contact
  • Several interdisciplinary research groups are active within the centre, e.g. #food heritage, Dig Where You Stand, heritage and wellbeing, see under the "Research" tab for more information and contact details.

Open to all

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  • Listen to the podcast Inside the Box - a podcast about cultural heritage and museum objects. Produced by CCHS, the Museum of World Culture  and Folkuniversitetet in Gothenburg. Some of the episodes are in English.
  • Listen to Matarvspodden where our moderator Lisa Haeger discuss food and heritage with researchers and authors (in Swedish).
  • Are you interested in collaboration between research and museums, archves etc.?
    The Heritage Academy is a platform for collaboration between various cultural and memorial institutions, the University of Gothenburg and the Västra Götaland region. 
  • It is possible to submit proposals for publications for the book series Cambridge Elements series: Critical heritage studies.

Researcher from another country

Do you want to become a guest researcher, have an internship, co-apply or connect research projects to CCHS?

We are currently reworking our structure and guidelines for internships and researcher visits. When these are ready we will provide information here on our webpage. In the meantime, we have the following information:

To collaborate with CCHS both interns and visiting researchers will have to first link up with a department at UGOT. This is a basic requirement, and we are obliged to follow this structure.

If you already have contacts we suggest you start with contacting them to explore possibilities of an internship.  If these contacts result in an internship or visiting researcher stay, we are more than happy to meet up with you and include you in CCHS activities. Contact us and we will tell you more and investigate the possibilities for cooperation.

Are you looking for PhD positions och vacancies?

Research stay at CCHS or collaboration ideas?

Are you interested in our research environment? Feel free to contact us with information about yourself and your project, and we will have a dialogue about this. Contact details below.

Contact information CCHS

Director Astrid von Rosen:

Coordinator: Jenny Högström Berntson:

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