University of Gothenburg
Staffan Appelgren med stolar på en cykel, Almedalen
Staffan Appelgren wheeling a bicycle loaded with chairs in Almedal a bright summers day, for an event about heritage and reuse.
Photo: Anna Bohlin

Making Global Heritage Futures

This cluster investigates how heritage intersects with global challenges such as climate change, shifting political economies of waste and reuse, and the politics of memorializing peace, conflict or disasters. We work collaboratively with academic partners as well as publics and stakeholders in society to explore how perspectives from critical heritage studies can contribute to finding sustainable, just and inclusive solutions to pressing issues traversing local, national and global scales.

The cluster has a critical and interdisciplinary focus on how heritage – as elaborations of artifacts, practices or ideas of the past – constitutes a part of, and is used in, ongoing political, economic, social and cultural processes around the world. A theme running through our work is how such processes not only give shape to the past but also produce future legacies and conditions for generations to come.

The cluster coordinates and supports critical and interdisciplinary research activities and projects, with a cross-boundary character, that are situated within the overall field of the cluster.