University of Gothenburg
Copenhagen, spa and windmills at Amager.
Copenhagen, spa and windmills at Amager.
Photo: Nina Romanus

Partner Projects and Network of researchers

Many researchers touch and connect to this subject within their own field of research.


  • Bosse Lagerqvist, PhD
    Prefect / Senior lecturer, Department of Conservation, University of Gothenburg
  • Eva Löfgren, PhD
    Senior lecturer, Department of Conservation, University of Gothenburg
  • Evren Uzer von Busch, PhD
    Researcher, HDK, University of Gothenburg 
  • Feras Hammami, PhD
    Researcher, Department of Conservation, University of Gothenburg
  • Gabriella Olshammar, PhD
    Researcher, Department of Conservation, University of Gothenburg
  • Henric Benesch, Architect MSA/PhD
    Researcher, HDK, University of Gothenburg
  • Helena Kraff, BA
    Research student in design, HDK, University of Gothenburg
  • Cecilia Lagerström, PhD
    Senior lecturer, Academy of Music & Drama, University of Gothenburg
  • Ingegärd Eliasson, Professor
    Department of Conservation, University of Gothenburg
  • Krister Olsson, Associate Professor
    Senior lecturer, Department of Conservation, University of Gothenburg
  • Ola Wetterberg, Professor
    Vice Dean Faculty of Natural Science / Department of Conservation, University of Gothenburg
  • Ulrich Lange, Associate Professor
    Senior lecturer, Department of Conservation, University of Gothenburg
  • Ingrid Martins Holmberg, PhD
    Senior lecturer, Department of Conservation, University of Gothenburg
  • Annelie Sjölander Lindqvist, Associate Professor
    Senior lecturer / Resarcher Risk and society, Gothenburg Research Institute, University of Gothenburg
  • Heike Oevermann, Dr. MA.
    Georg-Simmel-Zentrum für Metropolenforschung, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
  • Bodil Axelsson, Associate Professor / reader
    Senior lecturer, Culture, Society and Media production, Linköping university
  • Martin Gren, Associate Professor
    Senior lecturer, Department of Organisation and Entrepreneurship, Linneaus University
  • Emily Bereskin, PhD
    Center for Metropolitan Studies, Institut für Kunstwissenschaft und Historische Urbanistik, Technische Universität Berlin
  • Linda Shamma, MSA
    Research assistant, Curating the city, Department of Conservation / HDK, University of Gothenburg
  • Mattias Ekman, AA Dipl. ph.d.
    Postdoktor, Center for Museum Studies, Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, University of Oslo, ACADEMIA
  • Christian Ernsten, BA
    Graduate student, University of Cape Town, LINKEDIN
  • Mattias Kärrholm, Professor, architectural theory
    Department of Architecture and the Built Environment, LTH, Lund University
  • Kenneth R. Olwig, Professor Emeritus
  • Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management, SLU-Alnarp, Sweden
  • Britt Baillie, Dr.
    Post-Doctoral Fellow, Capital Cities Institutional Research Theme, University of Pretoria and Researcher, Centre for Urban Conflicts Research, University of Cambridge
  • Sybille Frank, Dr. Prof. 
    Chair of Urban and Regional Sociology, Institute for Sociology, Technische Universität Berlin
  • Gregory J. Ashworth, Professor emeritus
    Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen, NL
  • Liesbeth Huybrechts
    Postdoctoral researcher, Research group ArcK, Faculty Architecture and Arts, University Hasselt, Belgium
  • Valdimar Tr. Hafstein
    Associate Professor, Dept. of Ethnology, Folkloristics and Museum Studies, University of Iceland, on ACADEMIA
  • Annelies Vaneycken, Designer MA PhD student in Design, HDK, School of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Karina Nimmerfall, Prof.
    Humanwissenschaftliche Fakultät, Institut für Kunst & Kunsttheorie
  • Laura Demeter
    PhD Candidate, Management and Development of Cultural Heritage, IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca, Italy
  • Kristina Fridh, PhD 
    Research coordinator, School of Design and Crafts, HDK, University of Gothenburg
  • Helena Holgersson, PhD
    Senior lecturer, Department of Cultural Sciences, University of Gotheburg
  • Susanne Fredholm 
    PhD candidate. Department of Conservation, University of Gothenburg
  • Tigran Haas, Dr. Associate Professor, MSA/SAR, DAZ/UHA, AABH, CNU, APA, ULI 
    Director, Civitas Athenaeum Laboratory (CAL LAB) , and Graduate Urbanism Studies, ABE School, School of Architecture and the Built Environment, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • Elizabeth Greenspan, PhD
    Harvard College Writing Program, Faculty of Arts and Science, Harvard, US
  • Marcus Adolfsson, PhD
    Division of Urban and Regional Studies, Department of Urban Planning and Environment, School of Architecture and the Built Environment, KTH - The Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • Kim Trogal, PhD
    Post doctoral researcher Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, UK
  • Erling Björgvinsson, professor i design, HDK University of Gothenburg
    MEDEA - The Collaborative Media Initiative, Malmö University
  • Daniel Nilsson, master (human geography)
    Civil servant, Swedish national heritage board
  • Randall Mason, PhD
    Chair, Graduate Program in Historic Preservation
    Associate Professor, City & Regional Planning
    Executive Director, PennPraxis, School of Design, University of Pennsylvania
  • Petra Adolfsson, Associate professor
    School of Business, Economics and Law.
  • Christine Hansen (e-mail), PhD
    Researcher, Department of Histoemary, University of Gothenburg
  • Samuel Merrill, PhD
    Postdoctoral Researcher in Digital Sociology, Umeå University, Sweden and Visiting Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Cultural Memory, University of London
  • Elena Bogdanova
    Senior lecturer, University of Gothenburg
  • Nadia Fava
    Dr., Urbanisme i ordenació del territori, Universitat de Girona, Spain
  • Alyssa Grossman
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Heritage Studies, University of Gothenburg 
  • Tom Cubbin, PhD
    Senior lecturer, HDK
  • Neil Galway, Dr
    School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering
    Queen's University Belfast
  • Heiko Droste, Prof in history
    Director Stads- och kommunhistoriska institutet, Stockholm University
  • Johannes Fredrikson

Guest researchers 

  • 2014 Prof Sybille Frank (TU Berlin), autumn
  • 2015 Christian Ernsten (University of Cape Town), spring
  • 2015 Nadi Fava (Urbanisme i ordenació del territori, Universitat de Girona, Spain), autumn 
  • 2015 Heike Oevermann (Georg-Simmel-Zentrum für Metropolenforschung, Humboldt-Universität Berlin), autumn 
  • 2016 Ingrid Martins Holmberg sabbatical Urban and Regional Sociology at the Department of Sociology, Technische Universität Berlin, autumn 
  • 2017 Clare Melhuis, UCL Urban Laboratory, Spring
  • 2017 Prof. Gabi Dolff-Bonekämper (TU Berlin), Autumn. Funded by the Humboldt Stipendium, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. 
  • 2018 BA student, Erasmus agreement, Emilie Lütz, Curating the City/ Department of Conservation, Spring
  • 2018 PhD student Iida Kalakoski, University of Tampere, Curating the City/ Department of Conservation, Spring.


Moniek Driesse, affiliated PhD 2017-2020 

Affiliated post-docs 2013-2015

Feras Hammami
Department of Conservation. PhD in Urban Planning, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

In the research project Heritage in Scale Politics: Making Professional Heritage Practices Contextually Sensitive Feras is interested in exploring the global reach of the growing, dominant universalised heritage discourse – its driving forces, its local social and spatial consequences, its influence on the creativity of heritage practitioners – and thereby activate a new dialogue on globalized heritage through issues of ‘scales’ with ambitions to improve the contextual sensitivity of professional heritage practices. Feras uses methods of critical discourse analyses supported by the concepts scale politics, heritage dissonance and cultural representation to analyze interventions in the Historic City of Nablus in Palestine, Shoshong village and Sowa Town in Botswana, and Ystad town in Sweden.

Evren Uzer von Busch
HDK/School of Design and Crafts. PhD in Urban and Regional Planning, İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi

Evren Uzer's research focus is on participatory processes, risk mitigation and design for urban areas. She is part of the socially engaged art group Roomservices and a co-founder of the Istanbul based urban intervention group Imkanmekan. In her research at HDK - Urban heritage at risk - she will be developing micro-urban strategies by using socially engaged art practices. She will tackle with issues of rethinking heritage areas and risk for current inhabitants & users while dealing with micro-politics of the place. She will encourage a discussion on rethinking ownership and meaning of heritage for today's users through a series of hands on workshops with artists and activists as well as the community members of selected sites in Istanbul, New York and Göteborg

Partner Projects

Maintenance Matters. Exploring common contexts for heritage (e)valuation, VR 2017-2020, Ingrid Martins Holmberg (PL), Elena Bogdanova, Sigrun Thorgrimsdottír

The City as Mnemonic Device, sabbatical 2017, Ingrid Martins Holmberg

Universitet som arena, Henric Benesch

Re:heritage. Circulation and marketization of things with history, Sites and localities as re:heritage, Work package #3, VR 2014-18, Ingrid Martins Holmberg (WPL), Anneli Palmsköld

Visionens makt. Industrimiljöer, integrerade kulturarv och stadens omvandling, RAÄ, PL Gabriella Olshammar

Heritage and Urban Resistance. Exploring Identity Politics, Commons and Conflict, Feras Hammami and Evren Uzer von Busch. 

Old Churches, New Values? Use and Management of Church buildings in a Changing Society, The National Heritage Board and the Church of Sweden (2012-2015), Ola Wetterberg (PL), Eva Löfgren

How was the Church of Sweden transformed into a national cultural heritage?, Swedish Research Council (2014-2018) Ola Wetterberg (PL), Eva Löfgren

ALTERheritage. Adapting Learning Tools for Europe’s Religious Heritage, Ola Wetterberg (PL), Eva Löfgren

Rörligare Kulturarv, RAÄ 2014-16, Ingrid Martins Holmberg (PL)

Minoriteternas historiska platser i kulturarvssektorn - en översikt och strategi, RAÄ 2016, Ingrid Martins Holmberg (PL), Katarina Saltzman

Dialogue around 40 years of changes in the cultural environment, RAÄ Ulrich Lange (PL)

Rural municipal communities, Ulrich Lange 

The role(s) of guides in the cultural heritage sector, Bodil Axelsson, Daniel Ludvigsson (PL) and Lasse Kvarnström

People of the Flume: living with fire in a changing climate, Christine Hansen (PL)

Sigrun Thorgrimsdottír: Alternative understandings of buildings-as-heritage in the Antropocene.

Annelies Vaneycken: Kids in space

Maria Nyström: How did The Church of Sweden become a national heritage? 

Malin Weijmer: Participation in Heritage management.

Leidulf Mydland: Local vs National Heritage Interests through the prism of the Norvegian Schoolhouse