University of Gothenburg

About us

Centre for Critical Heritage Studies (CCHS) is a partnership between University of Gothenburg and University College London (UCL). The research partnership between UGOT and UCL is formed around shared research themes/cluster and projects.

Critical Heritage Studies is the working name of the priority research area on cultural heritage, initiated in 2010, at the University of Gothenburg. CHS was a priority research area between 2010-2015. Thanks to a successful application via the research investment UGOT Challenges, CHS could form a research center, Centre for Critical Heritage Studies (CCHS), in 2016.

Centres within the UGOT Challenges

Six strong research centres are included in UGOT Challenges, and all of them are based on important and current societal issues. This effort has SEK 300 million in funding and is based on the idea that strong interdisciplinary research is needed to solve the current global societal challenges.

The centres in UGOT Challenges span over a broad range of subjects. All have strong interdisciplinary components. Some initiatives are new; others are built on former research structures that are now expanded based on the societal challenge perspective.