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Participants in the ASSESS doctoral school

Doctoral students, supervisors and management council at the doctoral school of ASSESS.

Monica Rosén

Gothenburg University


Alli Klapp

Gothenburg University


Maria Rasmusson

Uppsala University


Samuel Sollerman

Stockholm University


Lovisa Sumpter

Stockholm University


Emil Bertilsson

Uppsala University


Stefan Johansson

Gothenburg University


Other members 

Mikael Börjesson

Uppsala University


Kerstin Pettersson

Stockholm University


Thomas Nygren

Uppsala University

Emil Bertilsson,

Linda Borger,

Mikael Börjesson,

Tobias Dalberg,

Jenny Folkeryd,

Håkan Forsberg,

Stefan Johansson,

Alli Klapp,

Thomas Nygren

Malin Tväråna

Frank Bach

Björn Melander,

Kerstin Pettersson

Maria Rasmusson,

Samuel Sollerman,

Monica Rosén,

Maria Jarl,

Lovisa Sumpter,

Maria Westman,

Kajsa Yang Hansen,

Virginia Beramendi Heine

I am a PhD student at the Department of Education at Uppsala University. Within the field of social sciences didactics, my research focuses on comparative citizenship education. I study notions of citizenship and different teaching traditions and their potential influence on students’ intentions to actively engage themselves in politics in the future. I am particularly interested in how the concept of citizenship is envisioned in the curriculum of different countries, and how it is measured and assessed in national and international knowledge surveys.

Zahra Hasani Yourdshahi

My research interest lies in the assessment of teachers’ ICT knowledge and skills in their teaching practice. Technological, pedagogical, content knowledge (TPACK) is an important and inevitable 21st century competence for teachers in, among other things, their everyday classroom teaching, professional job satisfaction, and self-efficacy. It is also the prerequisite in improving students’ ICT skills and knowledge base needed when facing a world with fast technology development. I use data of ICT-related measures, teachers’ self-perception of, for example, teaching profession, their ICT skills, and information on their professional development from large-scale international assessments to facilitate my analysis.


Johan Espenberg

I am a doctoral student in science education at the department of education and special education (IPS), University of Gothenburg. Before, I have worked as a teacher in mathematics and physics at upper secondary level for 13 years. My research focuses on assessment of epistemic knowledge in science. Epistemic knowledge is about why scientific knowledge and research methods are valid and justified. It is an important part of a scientific literacy. I am a member of the research environment FUR (Prerequisites Education Result).


Panagiotis Patsis

I am a doctoral student within the research school ASSESS at the Department of Education and Special Education at the University of Gothenburg. I belong to the FUR (Prerequisites Education Results) research environment. My research interests include educational equity, educational measurement, and international large-scale assessments of educational systems. I am particularly interested in educational inequalities depending on students’ social, economic and cultural capital.


Evgeniia Efimova

I am a PhD student at the Department of Education at Uppsala university, interested in social studies and civics didactics. My thesis will focus on classroom discussions of controversial political issues in the face of polarization and inequality. More specifically, I intend to investigate how school ideological and socioeconomic composition impacts political learning through an open classroom climate and demonstrate pedagogical actions and choices that make such a climate possible in a harsh political context.