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Kids learn through play
Photo: Alex Green

Learning, Communication and IT

The people working here come from a multidisciplinary background. We are researchers from pedagogy, computer science, linguistics, informatics, and applied IT, jointly exploring the possibilities and consequences of IT in education, learning and knowing.

About 20 professors, researchers, lecturers and PhD students work at the department within the field of Learning, Communication and IT. The area covers how IT changes the conditions for and creates opportunities for learning and communication in different contexts such as school, work life and leisure. Our research includes a broad range of research objects, theoretical perspectives and methods. We conduct a variety of design research and analytical studies of empirical conditions.

We have during the past years successfully attracted funding from the Swedish Research Council, European Union, The Wallenberg Foundations, The Kamprad family foundations, Vinnova, as well as funding from private funders and other organizations. We regularly participate in popular science outreach through contributing in writing, interviews in media, but also through participation in conferences and lectures for the public.

IT, teaching and learning

The division of Learning, Communication and IT is the hub for the part of the postgraduate education in applied IT with orientation towards the educational sciences, but also for the theme on ”Education, teaching and learning with orientation towards information technology” which is part of the University of Gothenburgs centre for education science and teachers research.

We aim for excellence in research and education within the field of Learning, Communication and IT. We are part of the strong research environment for Learning and IT at University of Gothenburg and are working closely with LINA's research community at the University West. The division is part of both national and international networks. At the department there is Gothenburg Knowledge Lab, which provides technical and methodological support for research, development and teaching in the field of learning, education and IT.


We are part of several university wide, national and international research collaborations and networks. We are part of LinCS (The Linnaeus Centre for Research on Learning, Interaction and Mediated Communication in Contemporary Society), a national centre of excellence funded by the Swedish Research Council. We work within two of the university’s research strong research environments learning (LETstudio) and language technology. We also have a close collaboration with the research environment LINA at the University West.

Knowledge Lab

We have developed The Gothenburg Knowledge Lab, collecting our pedagogical design development work. This work is conducted partly in collaboration with schools from the region, but mainly with orientation towards higher education development. We are conducting projects to develop and support higher education at the university.